cmdradio is very simple and powerful tool to listen internet radio with control from command-line interface.
Type 'play %genrekeyword%' and start listening.

Now there are 30000+ stations from and!
Go to Downloads section for different OS binaries.

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USAGE: cmdradio command

Available commands:
  icecast|shoutcast      Set stations directory: Icecast(open) or SHOUTcast(bigger)
  play [genre], p        Play genre radio and resume playback when paused
  pause, p               Pause playback
  stop, s                Stop playback
  skip, next, n          Change radio
  volume <integer>, v    See or set sound volume (0-100)
  now                    Check what is playing now
  genre [keyword], g     Show recent genres of music or search all with keyword
  help                   This page
  version                Print version number
  exit, quit, q          Close program

Example: To play rock radio type
cmdradio play rock

Hint: You can type part of keyword play rus to play Russian

Source code is in C#.
It require .NET Framework v2+. To run in Windows 8 you should activate .NET Framework 3.5
To build from source you need Json.NET and BASS with Bass.NET

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